I've got a bunch of comics. Like, really a bunch. Half a room full. I can hardly ship the lot off to Tassie, because that's dumb, and also expensive. So like the subject header says: make me an offer. Come get them, or I'll ship them to you. Read them, enjoy them, then pass them on if you like. None of them are mint, or even near mint. They've been read, and stored in the hopes that they'll be read again. Want to be the one who reads them again? Say the word.

And when I say "offer", I'm not talking all your worldly wealth. Money is always welcome, as is barter, but the best offer is that you or a friend or relative will love them to death. No cash exchanged for that one, and we're all happy. You're not going broke for reading this, mmm-kay?

All are published by DC unless otherwise noted. "SCH" means "Stopped Collecting Here", ie I gave up on collecting the series before it finished. Otherwise, I generally have the complete set.

PublisherTitleRange of IssuesMissingReasonSeries 
DC/MilestoneBlood Syndicate117 SCH 
DC/MilestoneHardware19 SCH 
DC/MilestoneIcon111 SCH 
DC/MilestoneShadow Cabinet0  SCH 
DC/MilestoneStatic114 SCH 
DC/MilestoneWorlds Collide1  SCH 
DC/MilestoneXombi0  SCH 
Justice League of America 
DCJustice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare13 Mini 
DCJustice Leagues16 Mini 
DCJLA1000000  SpecialOne Million
DCNew Year's Evil: Prometheus1  Special 
DCGirlfrenzy: Tomorrow Woman1  Special 
WizardJLA Special1  Special 
DCJLA Incarnations17 Mini 
DCJLA Year One112 Mini 
DCJLA Scary Monsters16 Mini 
DCJLA Paradise Lost13 Mini 
DCJLA/Hitman12 Mini 
DCJLA/Titans13 Mini 
DCJLA Our Worlds At War1  Special 
DCJLA Eighty Page Giant13 Special 
DCJLA Showcase Eighty Page Giant1  Special 
DCJLA Annual13 Annual 
DCGreen Lantern Annual78 AnnualJLA Tie-In
DCAquaman Annual4  AnnualJLA Tie-In
DCWonder Woman Annual7  AnnualJLA Tie-In
DCBatman Annual22  AnnualJLA Tie-In
DCJustice League America Annual8  Annual 
DCJLA Seven Caskets1  Special 
DCJLA Primeval1  Special 
DC/ImageJLA/WildCATS1  Special 
DCJLA Secret Files and Origins13 Special 
DCJLA In Crisis Secret Files and Origins1  Special 
DCJLA/JSA Secret Files and Origins1  Special 
DCJustice League of America120 SCH 
DCJustice League of America0  Special 
DCJustice League of America Wedding Special1  Special 
Justice Society of America 
DCAll-Star Comics 80 Page Giant1  Special 
DCHawkman2325 CrossoverDark Reign
DCJSA174 ??? 
DCJSA All-Stars18 Mini 
DCJSA Annual1  Annual 
DCJSA Our Worlds At War1  Special 
DCJSA Secret Files and Origins12 Special 
DCJSA Strange Adventures14 Mini 
DCThe Justice Society Returns: Adventure Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: All-American Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: All-Star Comics12 MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: National Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: Sensation Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: Smash Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: Star-Spangled Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
DCThe Justice Society Returns: Thrilling Comics1  MiniThe Justice Society Returns
Green Lantern 
DCGreen Lantern Corps Quarterly18 Complete 
DCEmerald Dawn16 Mini 
DCEmerald Dawn II16 Mini 
DCGreen Lantern 80 Page Giant12 Special 
DCGreen Lantern 3D1  Special 
DCGreen Lantern Mosaic118 Complete 
DCGreen Lantern14240SCH 
DCGreen Lantern98125 SCH 
DCGreen Lantern Secret Files and Origins2  Special 
DCAction Comics584600 Complete 
DCAction Comics643828775, 792SCH 
DCAction Comics0  SpecialZero Hour
DCAction Comics1000000  SpecialOne Million
DCAction Comics #1 Reprint1  Special 
DCAction Comics Annual19 Annual 
DCAction Comics Weekly601642 Complete 
DCAdventures of Superman424640602SCH 
DCAdventures of Superman1000000  SpecialOne Million
DCAdventures of Superman (torn back cover)0  SpecialZero Hour
DCAdventures of Superman Annual19 Annual 
DCAgent Liberty1  Special 
DCAlpha Centurion1  Special 
DCAquaman43  CrossoverMillennium Giants
DCDoomsday Year One1  Special 
DCEmperor Joker1  Special 
DCEradicator13 Mini 
DCGiant Superman Annual1  Special 
DCGirlfrenzy: Lois Lane1  Special 
DCGuy Gardner Warrior30  Crossover 
DCJustice League America6970 CrossoverDeath of Superman
DCNew Year's Evil: Mr Mxyzptlk1  Special 
DCPresident Luthor Secret Files and Origins1  Special 
DCSteel50  CrossoverMillennium Giants
DCSuperman0  SpecialZero Hour
DCSuperman1000000  SpecialOne Million
DCSuperman 3D1  Special 
DCSuperman 80 Page Giant13 Special 
DCSuperman Annual112 Annual 
DCSuperman End of the Century (hardcover)1  Special 
DCSuperman Forever1  Special 
DCSuperman King of the World1  Special 
DCSuperman Metropolis Secret Files and Origins1  Special 
DCSuperman Our Worlds At War1  Special 
DCSuperman Plus Legion1  Special 
DCSuperman Red/Superman Blue1  Special 
DCSuperman Secret Files and Origins12 Special 
DCSuperman Secret Files and Origins 20041  Special 
DCSuperman Special (Walt Simonson)1  Special 
DCSuperman The 10 Cent Adventure1  Special 
DCSuperman the Man of Steel Gallery1  Special 
DCSuperman The Wedding Album1  Special 
DCSuperman Villains1  Special 
DCSuperman Y2K1  Special 
DCSuperman: Lex 20001  Special 
DCSuperman: Save The Planet1  Special 
DCSuperman: The Man Of Steel1134-Complete 
DCSuperman: The Man Of Steel0  SpecialZero Hour
DCSuperman: The Man Of Steel1000000  SpecialOne Million
DCSuperman: The Man Of Steel Annual16 Annual 
DCSuperman: The Man Of Tomorrow115 Complete 
DCSuperman: The Man Of Tomorrow0  SpecialZero Hour
DCSuperman's Nemesis Lex Luthor14 Mini 
DCSuperman/Silver Banshee12 Mini 
DCSuperman/Toyman Playing Rough1  Special 
DCSupermen of America (1999)1  Special 
DCSupermen of America (2000)1  Special 
DCTeam Superman1  Special 
DCTeam Superman Secret Files1  Special 
DCThe Legacy of Superman1  Special 
DCThree-Dimension Adventures: Superman1  Special 
DCWorld of Krypton14 Mini 
DCWorld of Metropolis14 Mini 
DCWorld of Smallville14 Mini 
DCWorld's Finest Our Worlds At War1  Special 
DCLegion of Superheroes37  CrossoverPocket Universe saga
DCGreen Lantern66  Crossover 
DCSuperman Peace On Earth1  Special(very large format painted)
Valiant Comics 
ValiantArcher and Armstrong125 SCHNote: issue 8 is co-titled Eternal Warrior
ValiantBloodshot019 SCH 
ValiantBloodshot Yearbook1  Annual 
Valiant/ImageDeathmate16 Mini 
ValiantEternal Warrior124 SCHNote: issue 8 is co-titled Archer and Armstrong
ValiantEternal Warrior Yearbook1  Annual 
ValiantHarbinger (#1 slightly ripped)041 SCH 
ValiantHarbinger Files: Harada1  Special 
ValiantH.A.R.D. Corps124 SCH 
ValiantMagnus Robot Fighter139 SCH 
ValiantVintage Magnus Robot Fighter14 Mini 
ValiantMagnus/Nexus12 Mini 
ValiantNinjak16 SCH 
ValiantRai/Rai and the Future Force024 SCH 
ValiantSecond Life of Doctor Mirage19 SCH 
ValiantSecret Weapons111 SCH 
ValiantShadowman028 SCH 
ValiantSolar: Man of the Atom136 SCH 
ValiantTurok Dinosaur Hunter113 SCH 
ValiantTurok Dinosaur Hunter Yearbook1  Annual 
ValiantUnity01 SCH 
ValiantX-O Manowar031 SCH 
Legion of Super-Heroes 
DCThe Legion2538 SCH 
DCTeen Titans16  Crossoverwith the Legion
DCTeen Titans/Legion1  Special 
DCLegion Lost12 SCH 
DCSuperboy45  Crossoverwith the Legion
DCTitans/LSH Universe Ablaze144Mini 
DCAll Flash1  Special 
DCArmageddon 2001: JLE, New Titans, Detective Comics, Hawkworld, JLA, Hawk and Dove, Batman17 AnnualSeven individual titles
DCBabylon 5: In Valen's Name: 1-313 Mini 
DCBatman: Dark Allegiances1  Special 
DCBatman: In Darkest Night1  Special 
DCBatman: Reign of Terror1  Special 
DC/Dark HorseBatman/Hellboy/Starman12 Mini 
DC/WildstormCaptain Atom: Armageddon19 Mini 
DCChallengers of the Unknown: 1-18118 Complete 
DCChase: 1-9 and One Million19 Complete 
DC/VertigoChiaroscuro: The Private Life of Leonardo da Vinci110 Mini 
DCChronos 1-11111 Complete 
OniClerks (one-shot, Oni Press, 1998)1  Special 
DCCosmic Odyssey: 1-414 Mini 
DCCountdown to Infinite Crisis1  Special 
DCCrisis on Multiple Earths: vol 1-212 SCH 
DCCrossovers: Eclipso - The Darkness Within, Underworld Unleashed, Bloodlines/Bloodbath, One Million, Day of JudgementLots of titles  Annual 
DCDoctor Mid-Nite: 1-313 Mini 
DCDr Fate15 Mini 
DCElseworld's Finest - Supergirl and Batgirl1  Special 
DCElseworld's Finest (1997): 1-212 Mini 
DCFanboy: 1-616 Mini 
DCFinal Crisis: Rogue's Revenge13 Mini 
DCFinal Night: 1-4 + Parallax14 MiniInc. Parallax
DCFirestorm: 1-17(stopped collecting here) + a crossover with Bloodhound117 SCH 
DCFlash1247193, 208Complete 
DCFlash: The Fastest Man Alive16 SCH 
DCFlash/Green Lantern: Faster Friends1  Special 
DCFlashpoint: 1-313 Mini 
DCGenesis: 1-414 Mini 
DCGiant Teen Titans Annual1  Special 
DCGL Corps ongoing: 1-10 (stopped collecting here)110   
DCGL Corps: Recharge: 1-515   
DCGL ongoing: 1-27 (stopped collecting here)127   
DCGL Secret Files 20051    
DCGL: Rebirth: 1-616   
DCGreen Arrow: 1-45 (stopped collecting here) + Secret Origins145   
DCGreen Lantern: Evil's Might: 1-313   
DCGreen Lantern: Ganthet's Tale1    
DCGreen Lantern: The New Corps1    
KronosGreener Pastures (Kronos): 1-717   
DC/FocusHard Time112   
DC/FocusHard Time volume 217   
DCHawkman: Endless Flight1    
DCHERO: 1-22122   
DCHourman115 SCH 
DCIdentity Crisis: 1-717   
DCImpulse: 1-47, 49-61 + Annuals 1-216148  
DCInferno: 1-414   
DCInvasions: 1-313   
DCJLA Age of Wonder: 1-212   
DCJLA: Act of God: 1-313   
DCJLA: Created Equal: 1-212   
DCJLA: Foreign Bodies1    
DCJLA: World Without Grownups: 1-212   
DCJLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice1    
DCJSA: The Liberty File: 1-2 and also #1 of The Unholy Three12   
DCJustice112 Mini 
DCJustice League: Elite112 Mini 
DCJustice League: The Nail13   
DC/FocusKinetic (DC Focus): 1-818   


changed January 31, 2010